Added value by worktime management: But how?

“Don’t sell the product, sell the solution, and most of all sell value”, says every sales guru. Well, that’s true, but how do we measure this value? I’m writing more about that, concerned with fundamental matters such as working hours and their comprehensive managing.

Many enterprises have a system how working hours are registered. It can be e.g. Excel. The organizations have a process when to do that: during last two days of the month employees are spending a lot of time trying to remember what they have done this month.

Then a report is done. Then in upcoming days it is changed and corrected. Then approved by superiors. Then figures may be transferred into another system. And, then… Yes, then what? Task executed. Everyone’s happy, I guess. What is the value of that monthly procedure?

Of course, you may have a solution what to use for registering and tracking the hours, it may function as a tool for invoicing too, where the hours worked per month are the basis of invoicing the customer. Then it is easier to measure the value the current solution brings.

There is a lot of room for improvement!

What is the value of that daily question flow from employees to supervisors and payroll administration regarding trivial matters, such as their overtime saldo? Or, how many hours I’ve worked last month? What is the status concerning my annual leaves? Is the sick leave announcement from last month corrected, it was only two days not three? How many hours organizations use time for these questions and looking answers to them?!

If you would have a digitalized and modern system, a simple-one, where registrations are easily done, and executed on daily basis, then there’s always a complete overview to be seen. You could avoid a significant amount of non-productive hours. Sounds simple? Yes, it is, but 1.) do you have it, 2.) what is stopping you?

Think about it. Have you counted the hours spent on this? Remember, this happens every month. Escaping this is one way to describe the value of a worktime solution. Deployment of Nepton is easy. It is also very cost-effective. Using it doesn’t require any ‘special skills’ from employees. That’s why the benefits are easy to be seen. In addition, Nepton includes the labour agreement interpretation. That offers a huge amount of savings in payroll administration. Does your current system have it? What do you think is the value of saving 40% of payroll’s time, to be used for other tasks as today?

Many questions. We have the answer.

Nepton covers all of this. It is the solution for your daily challenges. Right here, right now.

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Text: Tomi Virlander