“Lucky” Luke – Nepton streamlines the daily work of 1400 experts

Luke needed to streamline its daily routines, concerning the complete organization.

Luke, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, is a research and expert organization with expertise in renewable natural resources and sustainable food production.

Finland is a country of pure nature. We have vast areas of ancient forests, a significant number of beautiful lakes, sunshine, snow and fresh air to breath. Finland’s forest resources were used to called as green gold – it’s such a distinguish character of our landscape, covering 78% of total area. We understand nature, we cherish it, it’s in our soul.

Luke is an important organization. It was formed 2015 when four separate public and governmental units were merged. Luke’s 1400 experts are divided throughout the country in 28 locations.

Luke had a need to change their worktime management

Luke needed one solution to replace the existing five different solutions. Luke wanted a digitalized solution. And a solution, that supports the nature of Luke’s daily work. The organization is very decentralized, and many employees travel a lot, they have remote-like work tasks to be carried out constantly.

Nepton responds to all demands excellently

Luke took Nepton into use. It is used mostly by mobile phones to manage worktime in an agile way. Everyone has the same solution in all locations. Both supervisors and employees always have the mutual, complete overview of current situation. Nepton combines information, it is also integrated into other systems. Nepton is a backbone of worktime management at Luke.

Kalevi Sillanpää, Leading Specialist at Luke, tells more about the achieved benefits:
”We absolutely got what we were looking for! Nepton suits to our organization well. There is only one solution for everyone now. Feedback has been very positive. It can be easily used on any device, and it also works technically fluently”

Nepton matches Luke’s strategic objectives and values, such as Productivity through digital solutions, Trust and transparency, and Strength from collaboration and colleagues. We are proud of being able to help Luke to achieve those targets.

This customer success case was executed together with Megaflex, one of our five partners.

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Text: Tomi Virlander