Nepton eases the daily work of associations, unions and foundations

Many different associations and similar organizations are using Nepton every day. This sector of Nepton customers is also expanding rapidly.

Better daily operations with Nepton

Nepton suits well for different organizations. One reason for that is its simplicity; it is very easy and fast to use for many daily operations. That follows one of our main guidelines, which is carved in stone: Nepton is always easy to use.

Smaller organizations may not need all the luxury features, and the budget might be limited for this kind of purchases. Nepton’s pricing model is reasonable. You pay per number of users. It’s simple to forecast for long time ahead. Our deployment process is also easy – it doesn’t last long, and the basic starting cost is also reasonable. That altogether directly supports the associations’ characteristics and activities.

One major thing combines basically all associations and unions: the need to target the hours (money) for different projects. Everyone needs that! Associations get funding from various sources to run their daily operations, and more than often a clear monitoring is required how money is spent. The funds are offered for certain purposes, to be used as earmarked to them. Nepton makes that targeting extremely easy for associations. It is a basic function in our solution.

So, not just big enterprises, or governmental organizations enjoy using Nepton, also numerous of associations from A to Z use it as well. Why?

As a summary, Nepton:

  • helps associations in daily routines
  • reduces current manual work
  • saves a lot of time and money
  • enables an easy targeting of funds for wanted projects
  • offers a comprehensive reporting to be utilized, for internal and external purposes.

    Whether your association’s activity area is education, health, culture, environment, agriculture, society, business, hunting, sports, charity, etc., etc., feel free to discuss with us. We have the knowledge and the experience. We make it possible to ease your daily activities.

    Join to the club! Not just to any club, but to the great family of satisfied Nepton users!

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    Text: Tomi Virlander