Customer and employee experiences as a resource for Nepton

Nepton’s CEO writes about significance of both customer and employee experiences, and how they make Nepton as powerful as it is today.

Nepton’s traditional summer trip was held this year in Riga, Latvian. We – all employees – spent three days together, enjoying the summery city. We also sat down in small groups, to think about why it is nice to come every morning to the office, or what are the factors which make Nepton such a special company that each of us can recommend it to everyone.

The Neptonians felt that at Nepton it is “easy to breath”, everyone can be the person he/she is. Work related tools, facilities and benefits were seen excellent. Low hierarchy, possibilities to versatile work tasks and learning, in addition to openness were much appreciated. The mutual activities, such as sporty power brunches, lan parties or spending evenings together were seen very positive and integrative matters. The spirit of working together was significantly brought up. As well as the fact, that we are enabled to work with the world’s best worktime management solution, and to develop it further to serve the needs of our clients.

When going through customer experiences with our employees there always rises the strong mutual target to make our excellent service even better. Also, our customers feel that Nepton is easy, comprehensive and constantly developing service. Customer experience is that Nepton makes daily operations more efficient, and it saves time and costs. Our customers see Nepton more than just a software; we are partners with whom is easy to co-operate.

Without satisfied customers and employees Nepton wouldn’t exist. These two groups are our strongest resource and asset. It has been most rewarding to hear that we at management level have succeeded to guide Nepton in such way, that the experiences from Nepton as an employer and service supplier are so extremely positive!

Visit us at the Esimies & Henkilöstö 2017 (Manager & Personnel 2017) Exhibition! I hope you are able to participate, to get to know us as a company and a service. At our booth 3k50 is presented the world’s best mobile worktime management solution, which has over 50.000 daily users. Whatever your sector or organization form is, Nepton is suitable for you. At the exhibition, there will be a happy and highly competent group of Neptionians, ready to tell you how we could help you and your organization in all worktime management related matters.

Please send a message to our sales if you would like to schedule a meeting with one of our experts. Register to the event by clicking the picture below.

See you at the exhibition!

Best Regards,

Jukka Kivistö