Challenges and Solutions

New worktime management solutions are surveyed and renewed, when organization wants more productivity and better leadership. Drivers for renewal are mostly old and inflexible systems.

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Weak worktime tracking.
The tracking and follow up of hours used for work or projects, and their reporting, is not working well or is completely missing.



  • Easy to use
  • Worktime and accruals tracking
  • Easy reporting


Troublesome payroll calculations, containing errors.
Salary data is handled manually and their interpretation is time and resource consuming, in both financial department and accounting.



  • Easy to use
  • Worktime and accruals tracking
  • Labour agreement interpretation and payroll interface
  • Comfortable reporting


Several different and separate solutions for worktime management, planning and employee data handling in use.
One, complete service is the best choice for an organization with larger amount of employees and demanding daily requirements.



  • Easy to use
  • Customizable complete solution
  • Worktime management, labour agreement interpretation, work planning, employee information
  • Comprehensive reporting

The core of Nepton is the same, but it can be deployed as three versions.
You can easily extend your current version with for example shift planning or skills management.

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Nepton is a forerunner. It is a cloud service, including everything you need: working hours registration, payroll data interface, work/shift planning and complete employee relationship management.

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Nepton is a forerunner in worktime management and productivity analysis.



Nepton suits all organizations, supports several languages and country-specific labour legislations.



Service is very easy to use, it can be used with any kind of device.


Nepton is flexible, a true game-changer. It has been continuously adapted to real-life demanding requirements of hundreds of organizations. Take full advantage of it!

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Delivery process

Nepton is easy to purchase, deploy and use. Our model is always a turnkey delivery. In addition to delivering Nepton service for you, we always take care of successfull deployment and proper user trainings.

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