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Significance of HR

HR plays a major role in today’s digitalization process. Employee’s skills, changes in market environment and internal processes, company guidelines and values, must all be taken simultaneously into account. Since the work has permanently changed, someone needs to lead the way to align to this change.

Nepton enables HR to create a better way of working. It offers a quick path for imminent higher employee satisfaction. Feedback from our current users is undisputed. You can do the same! Nepton can be a master solution for HR, or all the accurate employee data generated by Nepton can be used with other HR, ERP, payroll, etc. systems. Annual reporting is easy with Nepton – let it do the routines, collect the information, you can utilize it then whenever you want.

Most satisfied employees

Transparency, work-life balance, efficiency, health and open collaboration are important elements in today’s professional environment. Due to a solution which provides these, employees feel they are taken care of, and trusted. Feedback from current Nepton users has been overwhelming. Why not join the ride! Time, place and way to work are in a motion. Possibilities for better planning one’s own work has been a major change in e.g. financial organizations. Despite your industry sector, every person would like to always see from one source his/her working hours, overtime, flexi-time, annual leaves, salary types… Nepton offers all that for you. And, who wouldn’t appreciate a possibility to do that with a mobile phone, easily, wherever you are.

Better management

With Nepton all supervisors/managers get working hour reports always online, not afterwards. It saves a lot of time compared to old processes. After deployment of Nepton, every employee is responsible for keeping worktime data updated. Managers get clear overview of hours vs. results, and can better focus on essential by allocating resources and leading the people to achieve better business results.

It is a wise decision to take Nepton into use. Nepton saves time, and therefore money. Direct payback-times have been extremely short. Not to mention the other positive influences to atmosphere and daily operations. We strongly emphasize the big difference between actual worktime management and traditional working hours tracking and control.

Top management, directors, members of the board, need real-time working hour data for all profitability, KPI, etc. analysis and calculations for sustainable business planning and strategy. Nepton provides that. Can you be sure that the current worktime targeting/allocation in your organization follows the company strategy?

Huge relief for payroll administration

In Nepton, worktime will be automatically handled according to customer-specific collective labour agreement interpretation settings. Each customer organization can easily maintain them and make changes. The labour agreement interpretation functionality enables an automated process: payroll calculation receives ready-made salary material, pre-filled pay slips including separated salary types. Less manual work, less errors, less trivial questions from employees, less stress!

From IT point of view

Nepton is a 100% scalable cloud service, cost-efficient, based on real-time work-related data, including mobile phone user interface. Compliance for GDPR is already there. We have high security standards, and we have been audited several times by financial and governmental organizations. Numerous APIs enable needed connections to other systems. As a SaaS, it is very easy to take into use and does not require a traditional IT project at all. It will be the easiest deployment process you can ever imagine and experience.

CDO‘s: digitalization concerns internal operations, your employees, too!


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*) The picture in upper part of the page presents The Three Smiths statue, located in the city center of Helsinki. That theme is therefore already public and taken. You might want to think of another theme do describe your triumphant achievement and expertise.