Nepton is unique, a true game-changer

Nepton has been built flexible. Its “engine” is a result of 15 years of product development. It has been continuously adapted to requirements of hundreds of organizations. It is compatible for you, easy to be modified and automated for you. Take full advantage of it!

Labour agreement interpretation

One of the strongest and most intelligent feature of Nepton – that really makes it unique – is its Labour agreement interpretation functionality. Many companies utilize it with 100% satisfaction. Let the solution do the routines. You save a lot of time, and you can concentrate on other challenges.

Nepton’s labour agreement interpretation is exceptionally flexible. Tons of various calculations can be automated, already at the beginning, at the deployment stage. Then it is done! Every payroll administration simply love these features and functions. All employees benefit of them. Can you afford not to utilize what we have for you, right here, right now?

Labour agreement interpretation allows you to create ready-made rules for all worktime management, so that employees need to do as little as possible, just register the working hours. Modelling of dozens of different situations is done with straightforward parametrization functions. Once you have done it, you have done it.

Here are some examples of Nepton’s advantages and benefits, how it helps you:

Managing overtime

Handling and compensating of overtime can be defined in various ways, depending on labour agreements or local agreements. Sometimes there might not be an exact rule at all – but company must control the situation despite that.

Where to target the done overtime hours? with Nepton you can allocate them automatically to salary, to worktime bank, as overtime accruals, the basic part into flexitime bank (as hours) and rest of overtime to salary (as payment), etc. All that can be modified with very exact detail rules. And also for different employee and user groups! In many countries monitoring of overtime is statuory – Nepton offers you to get reports of that at any time.

Supplements, add-ons, working in shifts

Does your organization on daily basis work a lot with different kind of supplements? Does payroll administration need a lot of time for manual calculations, and corrections?

Nepton automates handling of add-ons based on late/night shifts, working at weekends, or on midweek holidays, working in high, cold/hot, dirty conditions, being on standby, etc. All this can be modified to be based on pieces, percents or time. Sometimes even handling shift starting at 10 p.m. on Saturday evening, continuing to Sunday could be tricky to manage – with Nepton it is daily bread and butter. It is very easy to fulfill everything in advance into Nepton’s calendar – so your organization’s employees do not need to bother with those things at all. That saves time.

True control and visibility to projects

Think about tracking project cost and profitability. Especially in cases when it includes a lot of overtime, which then paid in various ways to employees (as freetime & salary payments). You can be sure that hours and costs do not meet easily. Let Nepton take care of that! With automated rules you get always a complete overview of the situation. Same concerns basic daily work, e.g. when you want to survey the hours and real costs in a certain cost center.

Managing annual leaves

A simple task, basically, but how much time in your organization both employees and administration use time for just checking out how much one has earned/left annual leave? We say: in many cases too much. Nepton helps you with that. Everyone can check in Nepton, whenever they want, their current situation of that. Nepton is always online. No need to bother payroll administration with secondary and non-productive issues.

There may exist industry or country-specific rules in labour agreements, or locally agreed rules, to earn some extra free-time days, after certain amount of work. For management, to superior, it is vital to get clear view e.g. in October of earned and used extra days, and especially to get good estimate of how much resources there really will be during last two months of the year. We don’t know any better solution for this than Nepton. We have done it for you.

Notable benefits

Nepton makes daily operations transparent, accurate and fair.
Everything is done in ONE solution. Same, correct and intact data, without manual work or transfers.
It’s already done, it’s here today, for you to utilize it.


Nepton is based on open and modificable interfaces. In addition, there already exists over 30 ready-made service interfaces (api).

Nepton includes ready-made interfaces for various payroll, HR and ERP systems.

We develop Nepton continuously – if a needed interface does not yet exist for the system your company uses, we will do it.
Please, contact us and tell us what you need!

Benefits of ready-made interfaces


More efficient processes


Large-scale automatization


Reduced human errors


Synchronize personnel calendars with Nepton

  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Mozilla Thunderbird

Human resource management

Centralized management of personnel information and absences

  • Accountor Mepco HRM
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Sympa

Enterprise resource planning

Allocate working hours to work-codes and projects

  • Accountor Tikon
  • CGI Sonet
  • IFS
  • LeadDesk
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Oscar Pro
  • SAP
  • Visma Business
  • Visma L7
  • Visma Nova

SSO – Single sign-on

Nepton supports single sign-on in your organization

  • AD Federaration Services
  • Google
  • IBM Tivoli
  • Microsoft
  • SAML 2.0
  • Valtio Virtu

Access control

Compiles actions directly from Access control

  • Visma Megaflex


Transfer real attendance information to phone and lobby services and calendar

  • Elisa Ring
  • Mitel Aastra
  • Telia Merex

Salary payment

Transfer of registered worktime and labour agreement interpreted salary categories to payroll

  • Accountor Mepco HRM
  • Accountor Procountor
  • Accountor Tikon
  • Aditro W
  • Administer eFina
  • Digia Sedab
  • DL Prime
  • Emce
  • Epicor Scala
  • CGI Major Blue
  • CGI Pegasos
  • CGI Populus
  • CGI Sonet
  • Heeros ePalkat
  • Hogia Palkka
  • Lemonsoft
  • Lessor5
  • Safeguard Global
  • SAP
  • Valtio Kieku
  • Visma Business
  • Visma Econet
  • Visma Fivaldi
  • Visma L7
  • Visma Lön
  • Visma Netvisor
  • Visma Nova
  • Visma Payroll
  • Visma Personec F
  • Western Liksa


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