Our delivery model

It is easy to order, deploy and use Nepton. In addition to delivering Nepton service for you, we always take care of successfull deployment and proper user trainings.

Turnkey delivery

  • Nepton service is delivered to our customers in accordance with the turnkey principle.
  • The delivery process has been streamlined by more than 250 customer deliveries, making it easy and fluent for our customers.
  • Since Nepton’s end-user group normally includes different kind of groups at our client companies, we have been particularly focused on the easy deployment, training and support of the service.
  • Nepton’s basic solutions are available to our customers few weeks after our first meeting. The delivery process in more complex deliveries is always planned and scheduled together with each customer.
  • Our account managers, project managers and customer service work together to ensure your success.


Worktime management deployment.
See our customer case study.

Delivery model of Nepton service




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