Nepton Easy

Nepton Easy is a straightforward worktime management solution. It suits organizations who want to monitor and track completed working hours and accruals, manage time that is used for projects or per cost centers, and get all required reports to use very easily.

More information about Nepton Easy’s excellent features below.

Deployment and customer service

The deployment of Nepton Easy is fast and very easy. We will guide you through it by remote help.
Our customer service is here for you – you can reach us by phone or email.


Worktime management deployment.
See our customer case study (Nepton Pro).



  • 100% cloud service over internet
  • Realtime working hours tracking
  • Worktime registrations by mobile phone, browser or terminal
  • Digitalized worktime approvals
  • Three user Access right levels
  • Personal worktime calendars for employees
  • Travelling expenses
  • Worktime allocations (e.g. by projects or cost centers)


  • Working hours reporting
  • Accumulated working hours reporting
  • Sick leaves reporting
  • Project hours reporting


  • Free customer service for admin users


  • Trainings at the customers premises
  • Additional trainings


Would you like to have a demonstration of Nepton Easy?
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