Nepton’s versatile reports can be utilized by human resources, payroll, financial management, superiors and executives. Reports can be tailored with various limits; based on time, organization or employee group, or person’s worktime type. All reports in the Nepton can be transferred to Excel for possible further processing.


Worktime reporting

  • Working hours summary per person
  • Worktime report in calendar view or time sheet
  • Labour agreement interpreted salary material
  • Flexitime, worktime bank, overtime
  • Exceptional working hours registrations, worktime check report
  • Attendance/absence of employees

Annual leave reporting

  • Real-time annual leave accumulation and planning
  • Annual leave accrued and used days
  • Annual leave per holiday year

Sick leave reporting

  • Sick leaves per person, quantity, duration, paid/not
  • Sick leaves per groups, comparison of absence percents per groups
  • Occupational accidents

HR reporting

  • Personnel report
  • Age and gender distribution per unit
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Valid qualifications


Allocation of worktime reporting

  • Project hours per employee
  • Invoicing basis of project hours
  • Multi-project events reporting
  • Report templates for EU projects

Shift plans reports and lists

  • Distribution of shifts per email or sms
  • Employee’s shifts
  • Shift plan per group
  • Shift plan per task(s)
  • Resource planning


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