Nepton shift and task planning is a powerful and versatile tool. You can plan shifts and assignments directly for branches, projects, customers or employees. Simultaneously, you can see employees’ attendance/absence and possible wishes for desired shifts.
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Intelligent shift planning

With Nepton’s versatile but clear view, the shift planner is able to do planning quickly and efficiently. Information on the planned work, as well as the work shifts, is passed on to employees, managers and payrolls. The planner can also plan open shifts, from which employees can choose the appropriate shifts for themselves.

Benefits of Nepton shift planning

  • Easy and fast web-based planning and management
  • Resource requirements easily on shift plans
  • Clever work shift lists and easy modifications
  • Communication with e-mail and text messages
  • Planner sees employee absences, vacations and comments
  • Possibility to plan open unmanned shifts for workers to pick up
  • Possibility to view both planned and completed shifts
  • Digitalized process all the way from shift planning all the way up to payroll computation

More communication and collaboration

Employees wishes, comments and absence are all visible on planner’s view. In addition to created shift lists Nepton enables to send information of planned shifts via email or text messages. Planner can add and include specific information to shifts, and that information is imemdiately visible for employees,

Functions enable fast shift planning

For shift planning can be easily created and repeatedly used many different kind of plans, also just for resource needs planning. All shifts and shift plans can be copied both occupied and unmanned – this significantly eases and speeds up planner’s work.

Remove manual stages – from shift planning to payroll computation

Nepton empowers you to manage with only one complete solution all processes and information: employee information, work shift planning, working hours tracking, labour agreement interpretation and reporting. By integrating Nepton with other systems, you will get a seamless complete service to support your daily business.




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