Efficient time management

Nepton’s versatile worktime management features facilitate daily operations and significantly reduce manual intermediate stages. Employees will register i.e. their holidays, absences, sick leaves, travel allowances, comments, work assignments and projects directly into Nepton service. This is done by mobile phone, browser or terminal. Supervisor gets automatically calculated time summary to be approved, and also to be a basis for payroll. After approval the material can be transferred to payroll system. Nepton provides all needed and legislative working time reports.

What is significant in Nepton, is that hours will always be connected to tasks, projects, cost center, general work, etc. – according to what user organization itself has defined to be their worktime allocation rules. From employee point of view, this is yet very simple to use. That has in many organizations led into “revolution”; a real organization behavior change has happened. Employees are obligated but pleased to keep their worktime tracking accurate on daily basis. This enables major possibilities for much better individual work, work-life, future tasks planning, and especially for managers to have better overview of current situation in many ways. The latter releases time for actual management and leadership.


Työaikakirjaukset voidaan tehdä selaimella, älypuhelimella, tabletilla tai erillisillä työajan kirjauspäätteellä.
You can register your working hours by mobile phone, Computer, tablet or separate terminals.


Benefits of worktime monitoring

  • Easy to learn and fast to use
  • Statutory time tracking and reports
  • Versatile entries (mobile, browser, terminal)
  • Worktime allocation and cost monitoring
  • Holidays, working hours and absence, flexitime, overtime
  • Communication tools
  • Enables better planning and leadership

Nepton includes powerful communication tools

Managers can send messages that appear to employees on both a browser and mobile phone, for example reminding them of deadlines, tax cards, business events. Employees are able to comment and suggest e.g own wishes for work shifts. For several users or user groups can be marked at one time for example trainings or other events.

Nepton manages projects, cost centers, and job numbers

Projects, cost centers, different work stages may be defined freely by organization. Worktime can be registered and allocated by mobile phone, browser or terminal – and if necessary, also to multiple targets simultaneously.




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