Solid growth

Going strong since 2002!

Nepton Oy is growing and financially solid, 100% employee-owned, Finnish company.

Nepton empowers processes of hundreds organizations in Finland and abroad. We are serving customer organizations of all sizes, mostly middle-sized and large organizations.

Our heritage lies in Finland. We have a Nordic soul with multicultural mindset. Our background has offered a challenging, but rewarding market area for continuous product and operative development. In Finland only, there are over 300 different labour agreements, which all had to be taken into account. And we did. We are very good at what we do. Every customer organization can today utilize the results of many years of hard work.

And actually – we have just started!


cloud service

years of product development


62 000
daily users


growth (2018)

2,3 M€
turnover (2018)


We invest in growth

Our wide-range and extending customer base, and experienced and skilled personnel, enable us to take bigger leaps forward. This will be done by taking good care of our all customers, the ones today and the upcoming.

Nepton Oy’s story has drawn attention. In addition to operations-based cash-flow financing, we have got strong investment partners FinnveraTekes, ESIR, Elo, OP Group to support us in all future development.

The journey towards digitalization has started – we want to be your trusted partner in this challenge!


Would you like to know how we can make your work more productive and easier to manage?