Why Nepton?

Because we are focused on one thing, and we are really good at it.
We offer an easy-to-use solution for worktime management.


The most important value of our business philosophy is simplicity

The benefit of worktime management is directly proportional to the ease of use. Easy for employees, managers and executives to use and utilize our solution. Easy for customer to purchase our services and to deal with us.

  • Planning starts from usability
  • Unnecessary features are removed
  • We assist in deployment, training and use
  • We invest in customer support
  • Version updates automatically and without additional costs
  • No long-term and binding contractual models


We sell a solution, not a software

We always start by listening, because the needs of each company are unique. We do not sell the software product, but the solution for worktime management, tailored to the customer’s needs. We provide to our customers expertise, help and support.

  • Expertise
  • Companionship
  • Our most important goal: customer satisfaction


We focus on worktime management

Nepton does not offer everything to everyone. It is not an ERP, access control or support system. Nepton is the best solution for worktime management, because we focus on it, and want to be best in the world.

  • 100% worktime management cloud service
  • 250 customers
  • 15 years of product development
  • All devices
  • All collective labour agreements
  • 30 completed interfaces
  • 50,000 daily users


Do you want to know how we can help you to make your work more productive and easier to manage?