Work has changed

Results at work do not equal the time consumed to do it – but its productivity.

In recent years work has changed more
than in 100 years before that.

Digitalization and changes in our environment, society and values
have changed work and how it is done.

What has changed in your organization?

Are these your challenges too?


Changes in legislation

  • Mandatory time and attendance tracking
  • Flexitime and cumulative working hours maximums
  • Constant changes in labour agreements
  • Local agreements getting more common


Productivity requirements

  • Leadership and management getting more important
  • Labour cost allocation
  • Measurement of productivity
  • Better resource allocation


Employees’ expectations

  • Significance of work
  • Personal well-being at work
  • Development of skills and competences
  • Better self-management
  • Value of leisure time



  • Increased competition requires more productivity
  • New international markets
  • New providers changing the game
  • Structural changes create new professions



  • New business requires new kind of thinking
  • New skills and competences needed
  • Tools for telecommuting
  • Access to all information
  • Automation replaces manual work



Also leadership must change!

To be able to respond current changes and challenges, new practices and tools are required to support better leadership and management.



Tools which are old-fashioned and only capable for working hours tracking are not suitable for today’s management and leadership, because‚Ķ

Vector Smart Object

Reports do not support business

Vector Smart Object-1

Information is not realtime

Vector Smart Object-2

Shift planning is manual

Vector Smart Object-3

Can not be used on mobile phone or tablet

Vector Smart Object-4

System is expensive to maintain and complicated to develop

Vector Smart Object-5

Working hour tracking is a separate system

Vector Smart Object-6

Payroll administration is troublesome and calculations contain errors


Worktime registrations are not done properly

Nepton helps organizations…

To move from analog working hours control to digitalized worktime management


We want to help you to make your work more productive and easier to manage.