How to renew worktime management?

Case: Deployment of Nepton in a consultancy company

Many companies are considering digitalization of their worktime tracking and management, but fear it is going to be troublesome and time-consuming project.

No fear, because it is a simple and straightforward task, where good preparation and direct guidelines guarantee the success.  

We did a case study of one of our Nepton Pro deployments, executed in spring 2016 for one of our customers. We have already 250 Nepton deployments on our belt, therefore this summary gives a good overview of the process.

See our case study: Worktime management deployment. Case: 120 persons consultancy company, so you can get a concrete understanding and a guide of what worktime management renewal means and what kind of phases and actions it includes.


See case study, then you know

  • What kind of project is renewing a worktime management?
  • What phases does it include?
  • Who is taking part of it?
  • How long does it take?
  • Did you know our tips for you for deployment?

Download case study by filling up the form above. The study is free of charge and downloading does not bind you to anything else.