Case: Forex Bank

Foreign exchange expert chose Nepton


  • Forex Bank Ab is the leading foreign exchange company in the Nordics
  • Established in 1927
  • 110 branches in Scandinavia, 12 in Finland
  • Turnover SEK 20 billion

Chosen solution:

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FOREX is the largest currency exchange company in the Nordic countries. In Finland, FOREX opened the first branch at the Helsinki railway station in 1993. Today, FOREX has 12 offices in Finland serving more than one million customers annually.


Worktime tracking with Excel

Worktime monitoring and calculation with its various allowances and reimbursements for the payroll caused unnecessary additional work for the administration. Working hours were registered into different Excel sheets, which was troublesome and time-consuming to track and maintain.

Nepton improved transparency

Forex introduced a Nepton worktime tracking service in summer 2010. Now, all worktime data and payroll basics cumulate automatically, separated per item of expenditure, directly from worktime stampings.

The required information in reports

It is easy and quick for supervisors to check, and approve, working hours. Versatile reports provide accurate information of the operations in different locations. Actual and juridical worktime reports are available effortlessly and quickly.


quoteThe deployment of Nepton was very fluent, and it was eagerly taken into use by our employees. Nepton is easy to use and enhances our operations significantly.”

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Marko Suomela
Financial Manager,