Case: Rainmaker

Expert company compiled all employee information into Nepton


  • Rainmaker Oy provides HR, financial and sales management expertise services
  • Established in 2015
  • Turnover EUR 30 milion
  • Over 1000 employees in 60 locations
  • 1500 recruitings and 5000 individual training days annually

Chosen solution:


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Rainmaker needed a complete solution where, worktime management, shift planning and employment documentation would all integrate – and found one, Nepton.

Rainmaker has several customer organizations, which have numerous locations. In order to utilize resources optimally, they needed a centralized service which could be used any time and any place.

Employee information centralized into one service

Rainmaker took into use Nepton Complete, where all contracts of employment, wage slips and employee register are done and maintained digitally. Upcoming work shifts are launched directly into employee’s worktime management calendar view.

Browser-based solution helps shift planning

An employee can check his/her shifts any place and any time on all common browsers. Absence information gathers directly from employee’s calendars, which offers a complete view of resource usability to a shift planner. Nepton service has significantly reduced manual work and therefore decreased needs to change shifts as all employees are able to define and comment their own usability via calendar.