Case: Varma

Nepton digitalized insurancy company’s processes and resource management

  • Largest earnings-related pension insurance company in Finland
  • Responsible for insuring of 900,000 employees
  • Year 2016 premiums written EUR 4.7 billion
  • Largest private investor in Finland
  • Investment portfolio amounted to EUR 42.9 billion (12/2016)

Chosen solution:


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Varma had the need for digitalized worktime and resource management. After a tender process their choice was Nepton

Varma was looking for a transparent, modern and complete solution for worktime management. An important criteria for Varma was the supplier’s ability to develop the service actively, in co-operation with Varma.

Easy-to-use Nepton PRO cloud service

Nepton enables all Varma’s employees an easy worktime registration and transparent follow-up by computer or mobile phone that are connected to the internet. An employee can check for example his/her own accrued flexi-time or completed overtime hours, just by phone, sitting at home on the sofa. Transparency, managing own work and the possibility to schedule/plan are keywords in achieving more productivity and having less hurry and stress.

Nepton digitalizes processes and enables better management

In addition to worktime management Nepton’s service includes tools to empower financial processes and make superior’s work easier. All work, payroll administration or canteen related information transfer automatically from Nepton to other systems, which eases financial administration and minimizes human errors. Due to digital approvals, resource monitoring and easier control, superiors now have more time for actual management and leadership.