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Our partners in Finland


Rauhala is a Nepton partner that offers, maintains and empowers deployed Nepton service environments at customers, together with us.

Rauhala provides finance, payroll and HR services uniquely: Customer’s needs determine what service solution will be chosen. Rauhala has three branches in Finland, serving over 1000 customer organizations.


Co-operation with Silta and Nepton is versatile. In addition to traditional offering, Silta can also operate as administrative service for customer’s Nepton environment.

Silta helps its customers in comprehensive outsourcing, business-oriented HR renewal, and improving employee productivity. Silta is widely experienced and most reliable company. Silta currently employs 270 HR professionals.

Emsec offers Nepton worktime management solutions as part of its own services, and the parties together develop Nepton for Emsec contract customers. Nepton integrates seamlessly with Emsec’s access control cloud service.

Emsec (Empower Security until 2/2017) provides security technology, control and management and IoT services as a complete solution, and cloud and maintenance services related to them.


Megaflex access control system and Nepton’s worktime management solution work seamlessly together, creating a complete and comprehensive service for all customers.

See one of our mutual success stories: Luke’s organization of 1400 experts.

Megaflex Oy is a pioneer in security solutions. It provides comprehensive accessibility-enhancing product and service solutions with modern and intuitive browser interfaces that offer savings in security system investment costs and maintenance.

Founded in 1972, Rantalainen Accounting Services is an authorized group providing financial management, accounting, reporting and auditing services from over 40 locations in Southern Finland. Our team of over 600 skilled professionals serves the interests of over 15.000 clients.


Lounea is our most recent partner. Nepton’s worktime management solution completes the supply portfolio for Lounea’s business customers.

Lounea offers high-quality and customer-oriented services in telecommunications and information technology and invests heavily in fiber networks.

Unique position

If you want to develop and expand your business, and you are a powerful player, see how you can achieve a unique position in the markets.

We are constantly receiving contacts from potential partners. This is a great moment, and it can be the same for you too. Several companies which are offering e.g. payroll, HR or financial services, or have access control implementations, or deliver ERP solutions, are either missing something important in their portfolio or they want to change providers of current services.

We offer the best worktime management solution in the world!

Our customers get it into use either buying directly from us, or via our trusted partners. For many partners Nepton cloud service is the significant piece in the puzzle which they cannot act without in the markets. Nepton has also opened new doors for them, and very much tightened the engagement with their current customers. Nepton suits well for complete offering towards both new and current customers.

What does it mean to you?

Easy to learn and take into use

Because Nepton is a cloud service, it really is easy to deploy and use. By focusing on early sales training, strengths and adding value of Nepton; you can fast be on the market making business. And, your customers will be happy. We have very satisfied customers, and extremely loyal-ones! Longest customer relationships have now lasted 14 years since the very beginning. Our churn-rate has always been close to zero. We are very proud of that too.

Nepton responds to customers’ challenges

Nepton seamlessly fits into customer organizations processes. It enables cost-savings, by time-saving features, possibility to reduce several different systems, reasonable pricing, and by streamlining daily processes. This is what worktime management really is about.
In addition, it is an important to understand, that Nepton has been the answer for challenges from very different points of view. We emphasize that. We have learned that ourselves well – just by doing profound needs assessment and analysis with various enterprises and organizations.

Focus on solution

Our partners focus on Nepton, and are very committed. Professional organizations understand well that business model. They are our interface to customer, but also being able to genuinely help all customers is something everyone should reach for. We help you, we are not arrogant, we want to support all parties concerning Nepton. From professionals to professionals, is a good motto. Always.


Nepton is secure. It supports EU rules and regulations, has GPDR already implemented. E.g. several banks and governmental organizations have audited us, and are using Nepton. You can offer to your customers a very solid solution, without any surprises to be expected when it comes to security matters.

Various ways to co-operate

Some of our partners focus more on a sales side, others offer their customers also admin user and maintenance services, etc. We agree together the co-operation form. The basic procedure is that partners independently take care of deployments of more simple cases, and our own product department professionals can then help in more complex environments, in e.g. required parametrizing, labour agreement interpretation and integration work. This support eases your tasks, and deployment work normally takes only few days. And we often take care of early-stage trainings too. But, there is no limit what you could do, when the competence level is high enough.

Hard facts

Our current partners have achieved more sales, higher turnover, more customer engagement, better business situation in the markets, and – most of all – more very happy end-customers.


Nepton service includes ready-made interfaces to payroll, HR and ERP systems.

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