Customer service

Great worktime management service consist of good solution and
excellent customer service.

Customer service

We help and support you in all questions related to use of Nepton.
We are here on workdays 9-11 a.m. and 12-15 p.m. (EET/EEST)
Please call, send email or fill up a contact form, we will get back to you!

fly          mobile +358 9 4177 0700

When good product is not enough


We believe, that competent, fast and reactive customer service is even more important then a good product for an organization who uses worktime management service. Therefore a good customer service is for us a most important value and a point of difference. Our customer service team is responsible for serving customers in matters like product support, guidance in use of it, solving possible problems, wishes for modifications and if necessary even interpreting reports.

At your service!


How does Nepton work? What does it cost?
How easily can I start using it?

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