How does Nepton work? What does it cost?
How easily can I start using it?

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Questions and answers
How does Nepton work?

Nepton is a cloud-based service (SaaS), which can be used via the internet from all devices with a web browser (computer, mobile phone, tablet).

Nepton does not require separate software installations at work stations.

In addition, Nepton can be used via separate entry terminals.


Nepton Easy, Pro or Complete?

After customer-specific needs and requirements for worktime management have been mutually discussed, then we can choose together the most suitable solution.

In short:

Nepton Easy

          Basic solution for worktime follow-up, control and reporting

          Suitable for small and big companies

Nepton Pro

          In addition to Easy, includes functions for automatic payroll calculation

          Enables work and shift planning

          Our most popular solution, suitable for all kinds of companies

Nepton Complete

          In addition to Pro, includes functions and features for complete employee information management

          Suitable for companies lacking modern HR solution

Is it possible to connect Nepton with other IT systems?


Nepton is based on open interfaces.

There are more than 30 ready-made interfaces for different payroll, HR and ERP systems.

We continuously add more interfaces together with our existing and new customers, whatever and whenever it is needed.

How much does it cost?

The price is customer-specific, based on requirements and wishes, scope of the solution, and number of users.

What does the price consists of?

The price consists of two parts:

1.       Deployment

2.       Service fee


Deployment means a turnkey delivery of the Nepton solution.

Deployment includes needs analysis, defining the scope of the Nepton solution, service establishment, basic parameterization, and customer training. The deployment fee only happens once, agreed in advance.

The service fee is a usage charge for the Nepton solution. It is charged with agreed frequency. The service fee is based on the scope of the solution and number of users. It includes software updates, maintenance, telephone and email support, service management, backups, duplicated infrastructure components and information security.

Pricing example

Pricing example (mid-sized consultancy organization, 120 persons)


Their choice was Nepton PRO solution, including also e.g. mobile phone access and interface to payroll.

For them the cost of the unique Nepton PRO solution was:

  • Deployment (one-time fee) 10 000 €
  • Service fee (recurring) 4 €/month/user

Prices above VAT 0%.

Is deployment a difficult and time-consuming project?

No, it is not.

Purchase, deployment and using Nepton is very easy.

Nepton customers enjoy a turnkey delivery experience.

In addition to solution delivery, Nepton always ensures successful commissioning and customer training.

What stages does deployment include?

Nepton deployment project has five (5) phases:

1.       Start

2.       Establishment of service

3.       Piloting phase

4.       Actual deployment

5.       Continuous support


Please, click here to see a case study of a Nepton deployment project

How long does a deployment take?

A typical Nepton solution is in production within weeks after first meeting with the customer. This includes also the piloting phase.

Demanding and complex customer-specific modifications are agreed together with the customer. Deployment time for the most demanding projects has been a few months.

Is Nepton secure?


Nepton Oy is a Finnish company. Nepton complies exactly and scrupulously with the national and EU level legislation for safety and data protection.


Is there any downtime in the Nepton service?

Very rarely.

Nepton availability goal is 99.8 % outside scheduled maintenance windows. These maintenance windows are scheduled outside normal business hours and on average occur once a month. A typical maintenance window is scheduled to start at 1 am GMT and lasts maximum of few hours. The customer is always informed about these scheduled maintenance windows.

What kind of security procedures you have?

Security is a key focus area for Nepton. Detailed and well documented security procedures covering all areas of operations already exist. Compliance with practices like EU GDPR, OWASP and Finnish National Security Auditing Criteria have already been implemented. Nepton software and operations are audited multiple times each year by customers and external audit agencies. Realization of security practices are actively monitored and improvements are proactively made if necessary.

To learn more about Nepton Security, please contact us, and we will send you our service description documentation.

What does customer service include?

Nepton customer service is comprehensively responsible for supporting the use of the Nepton solution. You can contact our customer service by telephone, email or web.

Customer service includes

·         Administrator user support

·         Problem solving

·         Small-scale changes and modifications for customer’s solution

·         Regular service notifications

Plus all help and guidance, so that the customer gets the best possible benefit from Nepton and a positive customer and service experience.

What does the customer service cost?

It is free of charge.

Service fee covers customer service.

What languages does the service support?

Customer service is located in our headquarters, Espoo, Finland.

Our customer service helps you in Finnish and in English by phone. German, French and Swedish by email.

Current solution languages are Finnish, English, Danish, Swedish and Polish. New languages are continuously added as requested by new customers.


Is Nepton Oy a financially solid company?


Nepton Oy is a solid and stable company, and we invest a lot in growth.

Most important of all; our customer satisfaction is very high, and most customers have loved to use Nepton for many years or over a decade.

Satisfied customers enable Nepton Oy’s success also in the future.

Who owns Nepton Oy?

Nepton Oy is 100% employee-owned company.

The main owners are brothers Jukka and Vesa Kivistö, who established the company. They also work full-time in management, for the benefit of our customers