Select the devices to suit your needs. Nepton terminals combine ease of use, versatility, durability and stylish design. From our terminals, you can find a suitable solution e.g. for office, production area, storage, mobile work, port or construction site. Contact us and we will help you find the best solutions to support your business.

Basic features

Nepton InOptics
  nepton touch4  inoptics
Device type Touch NFC TimeClean
Touch screen 7″
Size 195x115x34 mm 160x130x60 mm
Graphic user interface orange gray
PIN-code entry orange orange
RFID entry orange orange
Control access and worktime tracking on same RFID orange orange
Canteen terminal orange gray

Network connectivity and reliability

Nepton InOptics
Network connection required orange orange
Wired network connection orange gray
Mobile network connection gray orange
Continues to function during network failure orange orange
Continues to function during power failure orange orange

Place of use

Nepton InOptics
Wall mountable orange orange
Suitable for indoor use orange orange
Suitable for outdoor use gray orange