Do meaningful work.And do it with a fun group!

Nepton is a Finnish high-growth company. In the future, we are aiming to be Finland’s most popular human resources management service and the most recommended partner. To achieve this goal, we need the best employees. Are you one of them?

We are a pioneer and innovator.

At Nepton we welcome the challenges. We enjoy solving complex puzzles. We are a service solution producer and we want to add value to our customers. Professionalism and good service are at the centre of our business. We combine the long-term experience of worktime management and cloud services with the flexibility of a small company.

Enjoy the successes with a great group.

We have strong team spirit, which arises from openness and joint participation. In our international team you can get involved in planning and long-term product development. We take our work seriously and we want to develop ourselves at it even better. We take care of our employees’ wellbeing.

To counterbalance work, we organize fun and interesting team events. We have collected fun memories of cooking, a trip to the Saku brewery in Tallinn, paintballing, tank driving, glow-in-the-dark bowling, canoeing in Nuuksio and curling. We have been urban orienteering in Budapest, Prague and Riga. As a team, we’ve solved many escape rooms, with some, remaining unsolved, and some of us have even solved the detective adventure.

We are constantly looking for new skilled people.

Nepton offers a professional and casual work community in Espoo’s Perkkaa neighbourhood, at the Derby Business Park. At our company you get to fulfil your potential and develop your skills.

Nepton customer service acts always fast and also suggests alternatives for our current procedures.”

Tuija Tamminen
Rosk’n Roll Oy Ab

Nepton rocks like Clapton with guitar.”

Timo Hagner
Eira Property Management Oy

Nepton is easy to use and significantly empowers our operations.”

Marko Suomela

Nepton is an excellent solution.”

Markus Pyrhönen
Rainmaker Oy

Employees have been very satisfied how easy it is to use by terminal or mobile phone.”

Yrjö Munukka
Marttaliitto ry

We executed a comprehensive provider comparison and ended up to Nepton. We are very pleased with our decision.”

Suvi Raita
Futuremark Oy